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Football Betting Strategy

Football betting is a kind of sports where people wager money on the team which will win the game or on a particular player who will hit the maximum number of goals. Sports betting are a form of betting where people place wagers on their favorite sports. A bet is usually kept on the outcome of the match. It can be anything both the players agree. Sports betting deals with betting on the results of the match, if the person or the team you bet on wins, then you win the bet and if they lose you lose the bet. Sports bets are places on a variety of games depending on the countries culture and background. Some of them are American football, basketball, horse riding, baseball, cricket, hockey, auto racing, material arts, boxing, track cycling, greyhound racing, etc.

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Unlike the days in the past, you need not go to a bookmaker or the sportsbook to place your bet. With the development of technology, you can wage bets in the comforts of your home with online betting. There are many online betting sites in which you can bet on your favorite sports or players. These sites provide many joining offers for first timers and various other exciting offers.

Sports betting can get tricky, so you need to make sure that you learn all the strategies and rules about eh game before you wager money on the sport. You need to know which game would provide you with a higher winning chance and which strategy would provide you with a lower winning chance. Knowing the strategy of the game you are betting upon is very important. Without a strategy, you might even lose your money in the bet.

Soccer also is known as football in many countries is one of the popular games in the entire world. There are about 11 players in each team, and the objective is to score a goal and the team which has the most number of goals within a stipulated time.

The following are some of the strategies you need to follow if you are planning to bet on soccer:

  • Back and Lay method.
  • Double chance.
  • Handicap.

Back and Lay method:

In the Back and Lay method, your profits will be low, but you will certainly make a profit no matter how you bet in the game. The method works best if you happen to have a high value to capitalize. The back bets are placed when you on an inevitable outcome of an event. The lay bet is placed against the outcome.

Double Chance:

Double chance is for someone who is willing to take risks. The double chance has a winning percentage of 33%. But if you win then you win big with this method.


The Handicap bet is made on the sport and on two other individuals who are also betting on the game. So if you win the bet, you will win the sports bets and also win the bet with both these fellow betters.

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