Roulette 817x400 - 8 Best Casino Games You Should Play

8 Best Casino Games You Should Play

The casino is a place to be for people who want to have some fun while earning some cash. It’s not just any place for gambling. Most casinos offer live entertainment, including concerts, sports tournaments, and comedy shows. Well, the casino is also a perfect place to socialize with other people. But what keeps people from visiting the casino are the different kinds of games.

If you are still exploring the wonders of the casino, here is our list of the best casino games that you should play:

poker - 8 Best Casino Games You Should Play


The most popular casino game is the poker. It can be played by two or more players who are given five cards. The player with the best hand of cards wins. There are various versions of poker, including Texas Hold-em, 5-card draw, and 5-card stud.


Also known as “twenty-one”, Blackjack is certainly a game of right decision. This is played between the dealer and players. The goal is to beat the dealer by getting blackjack or 21 points, reach a final score higher than the dealer or let the dealer draw more cards until their hands go beyond 21.


Craps is a dice game in which players place their bets on the table – the “pass” and the “don’t pass” line. There are only two dices and one shooter at a time. The goal of the shooter is to roll a 7 or 11, avoiding rolling a 2, 3, 12.

bacarat - 8 Best Casino Games You Should Play


In Baccarat, a player can be a player, tie, or banker. The dealer will deal out two 2-card hands for the banker and the player. The hands will be added up. If a hand sums up over ten, the ten will be dropped. On the other hand, if the hand is equaled to 10, it becomes a zero or baccarat.


One of the easiest games to play is bingo. Each player is given a card consisting of a 5×5 matrix represented by the letters B-I-N-G-O with numbers. The first to form a specific pattern, usually a straight line calls out “Bingo” and will become the winner.

slots - 8 Best Casino Games You Should Play


Another easy game perfect for beginners is slots. They are played through slot machines, usually with three to five wheels. The player will then spin the wheels. The player will be paid according to the pattern formed when the wheels stop from spinning.

Roulette - 8 Best Casino Games You Should Play


In playing the roulette, the player will bet on a certain number (odd or even numbers) or a certain color (red or black). The steel ball will spin all over the roulette. Once the ball stops on one of the slots, the dealer will make payments to the bets.

Video Poker

Video poker is a poker game played in slots-like machines. Video pokers offer much better odds of winning. Similar to poker, the player will be given five cards. After the draw, the machine will pay the players who can match one of the winning combinations.

These are just a few of the many games you can explore in casinos. Enjoy!


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